Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Benny Andersen - Danish
poet and musician

Adultery and love

To play on a miserable
neglected and misused instrument
is like going to bed with someone
                                    you don’t love
neither the piano nor you
feel anything except the urge
to get it over with quickly
You shut your eyes and think of
Steinway & Son
or Hornung & Møller
you are seized with self-pity
and sympathy for the poor creature
and the music sounds accordingly
until you suddenly find a sound
a buzzing momentum
a tenth from the old days
that has miraculously survived all ravishing
                                    and rape
an upright melancholy
like a partially burned stubblefield
You open your eyes
stare with unaccustomed tenderness
at the decayed yellow keys
everything is closer now
confined and forgotten notes
                                    are let loose
How wonderful living can be
To hell with Steinway & Møller
Now it’s just us two
for a brief eternity!

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