Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Andersen writing about a very ugly little toad!

The toad

The well was deep, so the rope was long; it was hard work winching the bucket full of water up over the rim of the well. The sun could never get down far enough to be reflected in the water, no matter how clear it was, but as far as the sun could reach, green moss grew between the stones.
A family of immigrant toads lived there that had actually arrived headlong in the person of the old toad-mother, who was still alive; the green frogs that had had the well as their home for much longer and that swam around in the water there, acknowledged them as cousins and referred to them as ‘well guests’. The latter seemed intent on staying there – they had a very comfortable existence on ‘dry land’, as they called the wet stones.

For the whole tale as a pdf file, go to here.

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