Friday, 22 July 2016

Summertime reading - Andersen's longest tale 'The Ice Maiden'

The Ice Maiden

Little Rudy

Let’s visit Switzerland, let’s take a look at the wonderful mountainous country where the forests grow up the steep walls of rock; let’s climb up onto the dazzling fields of snow, and then descend to the green meadows where rivers and streams rush away as if they did not have enough time to reach the sea and disappear. The sun shines hot in the deep valley, as it also does up on the heavy masses of snow, so that over the years they melt into gleaming blocks of ice and turn into rolling avalanches, towering glaciers. Two such lie in the broad ravines beneath the ‘Schreckhorn’ and ‘Wetterhorn’, by the small mountain town of Grindelwald; they are a remarkable sight, and that is why, during the summer, many foreigners come to this spot from every country of the world; they come over the high, snow-covered mountains, they come from down in the deep valleys, and then they have to climb for several hours, and as they climb, the valley sinks deeper and deeper, they gaze down into it as if seeing it from a balloon. High up, the clouds often hang like thick, heavy curtains of smoke round the mountain peaks, while down in the valley, dotted with many brown wooden dwellings, a ray of sunlight is still shining, lighting up some small area in glittering green, as if it was transparent. The water rushes, roars and drones down there, the water purls and murmurs high up – there it looks as if silver ribbons were fluttering down over the rock face.

If you want to read the whole tale in English, go to here.

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