Sunday, 4 September 2016

Hans Christian Andersen - The Great Sea Serpent

The great sea serpent

There was once a little sea fish of good family, the name I can’t recall, you must get the pundits to tell you it. The little fish had eighteen hundred brothers and sisters, all of the same age; they did not know their father or mother, they immediately had to fend for themselves and swim about, but that was a great pleasure – they had plenty of water to drink, the entire ocean, they did not have to think about food, it turned up of its own accord; each one of them could do as it liked, each one would get its own life story, and none of them gave that a thought either.
The sun shone down into the water, it gleamed around them, it was so clear, it was a world with the most remarkable creatures, and some of them were so fearsomely large, with huge jaws, they could swallow the eighteen hundred brothers and sisters, but they didn’t think about that either, for none of them had been swallowed yet.

To see the whole translation, go to here. 

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