Thursday, 29 March 2018

HCA: 'Dynd-kongens Datter' in English translation

The Marsh King’s Daughter

Storks tell so many tales to their young, all of them from the marsh and the bog, normally adapted to suit their age and comprehension; the smallest are happy enough to hear ‘cribble, crabble, puddly, muddly!’ they find that excellent, but the older ones want the tales to have a deeper meaning, or at least something about the family. Of the two oldest and longest tales that have maintained their position with the storks we are all familiar with one of them, the one about Moses, who was placed out in the waters of the Nile by his mother, was found by the king’s daughter, given a good upbringing and became a great man about whose burial place people later knew nothing. That is quite normal.
The second tale is as yet unknown, perhaps because it is almost a family one. This tale has passed down from mother stork to mother stork for a thousand years and each of them has told it better and better, and we are now going to tell it best of all.

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