Saturday, 17 March 2018

HCA: 'Gudfaders Billedbog' in English translation

Godfather’s Picture Book

Godfather could tell stories, so many and such long ones, he could cut out pictures and draw pictures, and when Christmas was on the way, he could take out a copybook with blank white pages, on these he would paste pictures, taken from books and newspapers; if he didn’t have enough for what he wanted to relate, he drew them himself. When I was small, I was given a number of such picture books, but the loveliest one of all was the one from ‘the remarkable year when Copenhagen got gas lighting instead of the old train-oil lamps, and this was mentioned on the very first sheet.
‘That book must be kept most carefully,’ father and mother said, ‘it must only be taken out on special occasions.’
On the cover, though, godfather had written:

To tear up the book is hardly a crime,
Other young friends do worse most of the time.’

The nicest thing of all was when godfather himself showed us the book, read aloud verses and other things written there, and related so much more as well; for then the story became precisely a real story.

This is a long story. To see the whole translation, go to here:

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