Monday, 12 March 2018

HCA: 'Rolighed' ('Tranquillity')

'Rolighed' was the country residence of the Melchior family, where Andersen spent his last summers


Old Copenhagen grows beyond its ramparts,
It rears up outwards toward the open seas,
‘Tranquillity’ lies here down by the Sound,
From here the names of artists shine world-wide.

Here roses thrive and prosper. And wild vine leaves
Unfold all autumn’s multicoloured glory,
While behind poplars, chestnut trees and elder
A home is glimpsed, steeped in a storied past.
For here was sung: ‘Eleonora Ulfeldt’,
Here once the thinker sat ’neath the white poplar
And listened to the spirit found in nature.

That home is now a small-sized ‘Rosenborg’,
With towers and balconies that face the Sound,
Where Malmö and Landskrona catch the sunshine
And Tycho Brahe’s isle and Gyldenlund.
In caravan procession ships pass by,
Like flocks of swans, seen only on the Sound.

When evening comes and heaven’s stars all sparkle,
Trekronor's lighthouse beam of light sweeps far,
Each vessel on the Sound now lights its lantern,
One seems to see a Venice party-lit,
A floating city of illuminations.
Within four walls here though it is most pleasant,
In hospitality’s so happy home.

Johannes Ewald sang immortally
Of the delights of Rungsted. Oh, if he
Had lived in this our age and in this home,
In this kind heart, surrounded by these friends,
He would have sung a lovely song about
‘Tranquillity’ and Rosenvænget’s roses.

My home from home, around which elders throng,
Where sunshine filled my life, my harp grew strong,
To you in gratitude I bring my song!

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