Wednesday, 20 November 2013

And yet again a 'Morning Song' from B.S. Ingemann!

see the stork on his farm-roof nest

See the stork on his farm-roof nest,
O’er meadows and fields he’s gazing.
A lovely spring day will us soon have blessed,
My long-yearned for season’s here with beauty amazing.

Hear the stork on the farm roof clack,
From woods the glad cuckoo’s calling.
When trees are in leaf it means May Day’s back;
Now Whitsun sun gilds the waves with lustre enthralling.

Now the stork leaves his farm-roof nest;
Through green meadows struts and gazes.
When May Day is here he’s a much-loved guest;
He brings us the time of year whose beauty amazes.

Off the stork flies when autumns nigh;
Next year he’ll be back to cheer me.
You summertime guest! Delay your goodbye!
Oh welcome, fair time of year my heart loves so dearly!

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