Friday, 20 March 2015

Second of 100 'Wenerid' sonnets by Skogekär Bergbo (1680)

You will I love until my life on earth quite ceases,
And from first glance my heart’s been yours, as well I know;
Though lovelier or rich, of higher rank or low,
Whoever it might be, there’s none me greater pleases.

Should Wenerid spurn my love, assuming God decrees this,
E’en so I still will love, though love I must forego;
Yet you alone are mine, for you alone I glow,
Hence may we never part till death from life releases.

To him whoe’er it be you are consigned by birth,
Let him take love from me. With you I wish to share it,
Should I too lowly be and you of greater worth.

Of him speak not a word! His love, may nought impair it!
But should love lack, then think of me who still am burning,
Recall, you’ll find none else who loves you with such yearning.

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