Thursday, 27 October 2016


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c m daventry said...

I agree with you, John. 'Splashy' also has galoshes in it, which are all about sploshiness and jumping in puddles. And the 'a' makes splashy thinner, brilliant, sparkly, maybe, where sploshy has a depth to it that may have a smaller surface area but is so much more satisfying. I guess it depends on your Dutch splash - if the writer thought it was a splattery 'spetter', or a stone-dropping 'plons'. Spellcheck keeps attacking me so I'll leave the splashing there, but I also couldn't agree more about translating along with poets, and, as a poet collaborating with your translator. Otherwise, to my mind, it's a version. Which is fine, but it's different.

I love your blog: just discovered it.