Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Harald Bergstedt: 'Jeg ved en lærkerede' in English translation

The lark’s nest

A lark’s nest I’ve discovered,
My lips are sealed quite tight.
On moorland it’s well-covered
Completely out of sight.

Inside it chicks are sleeping
wrapped in a bed of down.
They wake and all start cheeping,
the nest is soft and warm.

The parent larks stay flying
close to the fledglings’ nest.
I’m sure they sense I’m trying
to do what suits them best.

Hid by a sloe I’m straining
To where I am most near.
On tip-toe I stand craning,
I hold my breath and peer.

For boys will gather berries,
And foxes always bite.
But where the lark is serried
I’ll keep well out of sight.

To see the original poem, go to here

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David Nye said...

Some great word choices here. For example, 'Craning', a bird metaphor, is so appropriate for standing still and stretching to see and hear. Nice to see this popular poem in English, for it is my bad habit, that I read in Danish without always trying to get every nuance, going instead for the sound and flow. You have pushed me back to look more closely at the original.