Sunday, 17 March 2013

Dèr Mouw poem first published in 1920 - and what a poem!

Wind-borne the sea through duneland floats and glides,
the salt left lying in the deep-cool sand;
no glow of flowers, no sap-filled plant’s green strand
colours the smooth pale crest seen far and wide;

the filtering water, though, ignites a blaze
in countless gardens of bright tulip-red,
and rustles up as woods, to where the edge
is drab with marram, sickly brushwood-beige:

The Godhead, storming through our open life,
leaves flowerless the surface, and in time
joy’s seed dies, parched with suffering’s long strife;

but coalesced to purity below,
a bright realm reascends of pulse and rhyme,
where Thought now leaves and flares, rustles and glows.

The theme of 'pulse and rhyme' is also found in his 'skating' sonnet. To see the sonnet, go to here

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