Monday, 6 April 2015

Rifbjerg in utero


The best way to enjoy Himmelbjerget!
Like a tawny owl
I sit with warm eyes in the dark.
An embryonic fish, I,
a little rubber man
with gills
under mother’s heart.
We’re on a walking trip in Jutland.
Aah, Horsens faintly made out through a navel!

Shaking with laughter I jam my feet
hard against the belly’s skin.
They’re funny the women on the road
cloche hats
daft as bats
The depression cannot creep into my warm forest
where I am a stickleback
among the garlands of the intestines.

The thought of all the duvets
I will wallow in from now on
buds in the belly’s cradle
life’s first sofa cycle.

From green pea to brussel sprout
from tadpole to sucking pig
is my first journey
with appendix as communication cord
ready at my right ear.

We’re completely modern
the two-in-one system,
light and practical
woman with built-in child.

Already two individuals
I think independently
am a citizen in your belly’s safe country
with my own private garden
deck chair
from where I see your aorta soaring
my life’s loveliest philodendron.

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