Friday 15 October 2010

Poem by the Dutch writer Pieter Boskma


Now that for half a century I’ve walked this masterly earth,
full of wonder and amazement and with the strong idea
that once that once that once I may just grasp my every
step and all the words I’ve written, and all that I have felt
will come together for good to form an adage of love,
now the time comes for me to become a landscape
and be the animal within it that simply gazes all around
since everywhere the beautiful and everywhere the good
extend equally like a tremor in the grass,
and then, softly whining with happiness, that parts
the evening clouds for a sip of light, for it wants no
further darkness, no laboured efforts to conceive things
other than what, in the depths of their being, they – since
the beginning, hovering over dark waters – have always been.

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