Tuesday 24 September 2013

A poem from 'Live', Klaus Høeck's latest (non-slim) volume of poetry


                  after one’s seven
tieth everything is for
                  tuitous i vague
                  ly recall though not
who once said it in the pre
                  vious century
                  and i am inclined
to admit that person is
                  right even though at
                  this very moment
i’m only three days past the
                  demarcation line

                  or perhaps it’s more
a question of a kind of
                  freedom that i am
                  unable to de
fine more closely an uncon
                  straint in individ
                  ual actions even
though the law of necessi
                  ty naturally con
                  tinues to oper
ate along the long course that
                  determines one’s life

                  if that is the case
one’s responsibility
                  increases with age
                  since one has more be
come oneself and the spirit’s
                  thereby been set free –
                  in that case i know
something i cannot under
                  stand up here at pa
                  desø church where the
first snow of winter is fall
                  ing from paradise

To see the whole collection, go to here

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