Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Klaus Høeck - 75th birthday today!


                  no rules without an
exception – isn’t that what
                  people always say? –
                  but in that case the
exception itself becomes
                  a rule – ah yes schwamm
                  darüber and it
is precisely that which i
                  am doing right now
                  by crossing the krus
aa border although the pro
                  ject’s name is: denmark

                  because no total
ity can be described from
                  within (the old prob
                  lem) but not from with
out either since the person
                  describing is him
                  self part of the to
tality (das alte pro
                  blem) is himself dan
                  ish – what then so i
drive a bit in the german
                  maze – eingangausfahrt

                  or denmark seen from
gottorp castle as in the
                  old days with the count
                  y prefect poet’s
eye and as now with my grey
                  green cloudy gaze: ach
                  das kleine däne
mark wie ich liebe dich – a
                  long the motorway
                  home again to but
ter and bacon – vielen dank
                  für ihren besuch

To see this collection, and six others, in English translation, go to here.

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