Wednesday, 7 November 2018

A medieval macaronic song from Denmark (c. 1470) by 'Per Ræv Lille'

My heart with fearsome heat does flare

My heart with fearsome heat does flare,
so would rejoice
pro laudibus Marie.
Were my tongue made of steel so rare
and it had voice
totamque vim sophie,
then I a book could prime
hanc laudare virginem
and in it compose and rhyme.
Reginarum regina et domina
Be she praised to the end of time.

What can I, poor man, find to say
who little knows
de hac virginitate?
The sorrows that might come her way
she did foreclose
sua begnignitate.
She deserves prize in every guise,
Templum dei trinitas,
from her all virtues do arise,
Maiestatis vnitas essencie
the courtly as also the wise.

O lux et decus hominum,
lux luminum,
Maria all virtue’s bower,
peperisti filium
et dominum,
Jesus the blessed flower.
God let us never be parted,
virga Jesse florida,
who as rose and lily started.
Da nobis solacium
et gaudium
with power and will full-hearted.

Nowhere to be found on the Internet.

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