Thursday 12 December 2019

'Evening Mood' by the Norwegian Romantic poet Jørgen Moe (1813-82)

Evening Mood

The evening gently begins to fall
on slopes and lake with a golden blushing,
and soundless silence and endless peace
to quiet slumber are nature hushing.
The verdant verges
are what now merges
in lake’s soft mirror that grows yet clearer
and captures them.

The fishing boat, see how slim and light
how high on shimmering surface drifting,
while men their nets haul back into sight
and women their oars let lie unshifting.
The silent tally
of lake and valley
makes all day’s hustle now cease its bustle
and spellbinds them.

But lost in dreams there a lass stands tall
and gazes into the sky unfurling,
and deep-felt longings her mind enthrall
with Christmas parties and dances’ whirling.
The crimson gleaming
of arching evening
has scattered glowing beyond all knowing –
Her gaze is wide.

You rich and blushing calm summer night
that hold far more than the daytime’s splendour,
oh bring the fair one your best delight,
let come to her loving dreams so tender: 
On their returning
Fulfil her yearning,
with crown of silver her brow let glitter
as happy bride!

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