Wednesday 16 December 2009

Johannes V. Jensen - time for this poem!

Solstice song

Our sun has now grown cold,
we are in winter’s hold
the days are waning.
        Now, past the deepest night,
        our hope burns bright –
        yes, hope burns bright,
        for now the sun will right,
now light will soon return, the days again are gaining.

The lovely fir tree green
betokens summer’s screen
of woods imposing.
        In Christmas candlelight
        like star-hosts bright,
        yes, star-hosts bright,
        sun’s wonder is in sight
and all the yellow flower-suns that now are dozing.

The fir-tree’s charry scent
gives air to summers spent
and each newcomer.
        Cool Danish years all swing,
        dance in a ring,
        yes, in a ring
        round an eternal spring.
Let all souls also sing of Denmark’s lovely summer!

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