Thursday 25 March 2010

A famous Danish poem by Heiberg (1791-1860)


Natten er saa stille,
Luften er saa klar,
Duggens Perler trille,
Maanens Straaler spille
Hen ad Søens Glar.

Bølgens Melodier
Vugge Hjertet ind;
Suk og Klage tier,
Vindens Pust befrier
Det betyngte Sind.


Calm the night, unstirring,
And the air so clear
Pearls of dew uncurling,
Moonlight rays unfurling
’Cross the glassy mere.

Dulcet waves appeasing
Heart that yearns for rest,
Sighs and sorrows ceasing,
Breath of wind releasing
Mind so long oppressed.

Set to music by Weyse. Hear a snippet sung by Aksel Schiøtz here


Anonymous said...

This is a norweigen poet.....

John Irons said...

i think you are confusing him with Ludvig Holberg 1684-1754, born in Bergen, Norway.

John Irons said...

outdated link. just go to spotify!