Monday 7 June 2010

Some poems from Heptameron by the Danish poet Klaus Høeck


then i lift
my index finger and
let it point up in
the air – not as
a warning not
so as to point to anything
in particular but as in
a zen-buddhist
koan and the information
is not slow in
coming: it is without
doubt the index finger
of my right hand


i have never
thought about
what i use
my middle finger for
but now i do so
the first thing
that occurs to me
is that it is
indispensable if
you want to play
a b on the cornet
for then you have to
depress the second piston


i am not quite
clear if the ring
finger was in
volved in schumann’s
experiments with
tying his fingers
together so as to play
certain chords but
i have noticed
that i myself use
it to flick
the ash off my cigarette
from time to time


a little finger
must stick out it
simply must
stick out as if it
did not have anything
to do with the other
fingers and then it
must have a diamond
ring on – otherwise it
isn’t a little finger
from which i can deduce
that my little finger
isn’t a little finger


have you ever tried
to pick your
nose with your
thumb? – it’s no
good for doing that
nor is it really
any good for
underlining something
but what a
fingerprint it
can leave behind what a
bruise it can leave on
the petal of a poppy

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