Sunday 16 March 2014

Another visionary poem by Brorson


Eyes, now bleary
From all tears and dark with woe,
From their prison
Yearn for vision,
Up towards fair Salem go;
Oh, my pain it so allays,
When on high I simply gaze!

I hear winging
Voices singing,
Every kind, midst angels’ song
Which inspires them
And which fires them
To praise God both loud and long.
Oh, with joy my soul does swell,
Gladly bids the world farewell!

Grapes you offer,
Life’s fruit proffer,
Paradise – fruit heaven-sent!
Roses greet me
Come to meet me
With the sweetness of their scent;
Give time’s breath the taste and smell
Of eternity as well.

See the Lamb’s clear
Wedding host here
In procession wend their way,
As if swimming
In streams brimming
With God’s sweet acclaim and praise.
Strait the path and brief the time,
Oh, your end is so sublime!

Heart to ease us,
Gentle Jesus,
Who for us dear heaven won;
See your throng is
Racked by longing
When time’s day is almost done
When, sweet bridegroom, will you come
Down to earth and fetch me home?

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