Friday, 3 October 2014

Bellman time!

     No. 35

     Old boy Noah ://:
     was a decent man.
     Once the ark had grounded
     in the fields he founded
lots of vineyards, lots of vineyards:
     Noah had a plan.

     Noah rowed out://:
     from his ancient ark,
     bottles he bought plenty,
     maybe more than twenty,
meant for drinking, meant for drinking
     in our green new park.

     He ne’er doubted ://:
     that all humans are
     by their nature thirsty
     like the beasts, so first he
planted vines, yes, planted vines, yes,
     growing near and far.

     Old girl Noah ://:
     was a decent wife;
     she let him drink early,
     if I’d such a girlie,
I’d get married, I’d get married,
     ere you could say knife.

     She ne’er scolded ://:
     Oh, you naughty man,
     put that pitcher down then,
     No, she didn’t frown when
at one draught he, at one draught he
     quaffed wine by the can.

     Old boy Noah ://:
     Had hair thick as thatch,
     chubby chins and goatee,
     cheeks so pink and rosy;
he could down it, he could down it,
     Cheers and down the hatch!

     Times were good then ://:
     on our earth so fair;
     food and drink ne’er lacking,
     no parched throats a-cracking,
all sat glaring, all sat glaring
     at a spread so rare.

     Formal toasting ://:
     people gave a miss;
     no one said at leisure:
     May I have the pleasure!
No, you drank it, no, you drank it
     at one go – like this!

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