Monday 15 June 2015

Kingo at his simple and straightforward best

The tenth song
Is a thanksgiving after Holy Communion

Soul’s shepherd, Jesu, thanks to thee
And for thy death, soul’s remedy
     Whereby thou rescuedst me.

Thy body and thy blood I’d praise,
     My soul’s delight;
The meat and drink that can erase
     The serpent’s hate and bite.

I still can taste how sweet thou art
     To mouth and mind,
Yet hold thee closest in my heart,
     Where thou hast been enshrined.

You worldly lusts depart from me,
     I never more,
No nevermore your friend shall be,
     But bring you to God’s law.

O JEsu, let thy body’s bread
     And blood-filled bowl,
Refresh me even until death,
     Then I’ll have reached my goal.

1 comment:

John Irons said...

i think the power is partly the result of a simple vocabulary of monosyllable words. We're in the late 17th century, but here there is no magniloquenza. And this increases the poem's force.