Sunday, 2 October 2016

Svante No. 4 song


Whitethorn in view.
Kids play on cue.
Wall washed in sun.
Summer’s begun.

Peace chirping high.
Clouds drifting by.
Glass of iced port.
Paper’s been bought.

Apples in bowl.
Prawns by the shoal.
Lilac’s scent-kegs.
Lithe Eve-like legs.

Languishing smiles.
Topless textiles.
No traffic storm.
Music that’s warm.

Cuckoos say cluck.
Bottles say glug.
Leaves thick and groomed.
Prawns all consumed.

All this fresh air.
Heart debonair.
Bottle – all gone.
Eve says: Come on!...
       I’m here in the Garden of Eden
       But my belly’s been overfeedin’.

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