Friday, 7 October 2016

Svante No. 8 song


My hair’s falling out
my knee-cap’s all loose
my kidney stones rattle refrains.
My heart is askew
my gut’s in a noose
my leg has these strange shooting pains –
       for each step I take there’s this sting...
                        and yet it is spring.

My gait’s like a bear’s
my youth dead and gone
my mind set has turned black as tar.
My love has moved in
with him she’s keen on
I see her now most from afar –
       I also lost out on the swing...
                        and yet it is spring.

Our future will choke
in sulphur and smoke
we’ll leave what we took or we gave.
My shovel and spade
I’ll one day invoke
and hurry off down in my grave –
       this year could see my final fling...
                        and yet it is spring!

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