Saturday, 12 September 2020

Hans Adolph Brorson: 'Skal Kærlighed sin Prøve staa'


If love shall stand the final test


If love shall stand the final test,

it must assuage your foe’s wild breast;

that you are mild when he’s irate

is Christian love in its pure state.


That lesson is as sour and tart

as to our nature is death’s dart,

seems much too heavy and too stern

for Adam’s flint-hard race to learn.


Yes, if we trust in our own might,

we’ve quickly armed ourselves to fight

and cannot stem the raging flood

of fury in the old Adam’s blood.


Oh let the heart do penance sweet,

in Jesu’s blood both merge and beat!

Then will the gentle mind of Christ

as imprint in the soul be pressed.


When we through faith’s strong fire and light

our Jesu’s heart can find aright,

that he for his own murderers prayed

when they but mockery displayed,


when in the heart’s depths we collate

our many sins and their great weight

which God forgave us at one breath

in Jesu’s suffering and death,


when this the Spirit makes quite clear,

then in the soul’s ignited here

a love that has so strong a glow

that it embraces every foe.


This love has such a blazing heat

all earthly ash it will defeat,

the soul to God will make return –

the fifth commandment then we learn.


Oh, with a fervent heart may I

sweet Jesus, love you till I die

and to your wounds draw close, for so

most gladly will I love my foe!


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