Monday, 28 September 2020

Hans Adolph Brorson: 'Hvor seer det ud i verdens ørk'

 How desert-like this world and stark


How desert-like this world and stark,

how hideous and foul and dark!

Hate, anger, envy all o’erthrow

and cover it as if with snow;

one scarcely even dares to name

love of one’s neighbour without shame.


But that exactly is the sign

which Christians always does define:

that of each other they are fond

and share what is a heartfelt bond;

thus brothers in Christ Jesus are

distinguishable from afar.


Each branch of Jesus has its power

yet varies as does flower from flower,

in time and place this too we see,

experience and industry;

in God though Christians are all one,

the law of love they never shun.


A building’s made of stone on stone,

yet when completed all are one,

the large and small go hand in hand,

so they both fire and flood withstand;

thus minds devout are all akin

and may God’s temple enter in.


O Jesus, who to us came down

us all with peace and love to crown,

extend your kingdom far and wide

unite, let nought us e’er divide,

so we with you and yours one day

one heavn’ly host may always stay!

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