Saturday, 21 November 2009

Congrats to Peter Holvoet-Hanssen - city poet of Antwerp!


death causes living and being mad pain
deeply sagging chair of wisdom
swallowed key of heaven
must engrave this statue deserted
hello my lily under the thorns
draw aside the curtains will you
smother glowing coals of doubt
fear from Kandahar gain wings
I kiss your neck, thank this peaceful
moment, see how your waking
eyes light up: gleam of a lake
unseen even by yourself, like
shards of Kabul a mirror
that ripples – capers
from Lipari nothing to beat them
you sleepily say picked millions
of crocus stamens – a scent
of saffron; the sun rises, the
kettle shrieks, I bring you coffee
by the buddleia, blood as wine
fetched a toddler from the rubble, ay
death when living and mad with pain

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