Saturday, 21 November 2009

Marjoleine de Vos - great chicken recipe I tried out yesterday!


A seal’s what Mrs Despina would most like to be.
Make leaps, guzzle gunard, applause
at your lissome lard that splendorously
slaps its way up the side, tightly packed frame,
goggle-eyed punchball full of fish, fine foodie.
Inside would sit Mrs Despina, safe in
smooth skin, waterproofly disguised
as a non-angular animal, elegantly attired for
arctic storms and ice floes. Laughingly she lifts
her moustache above water, poses for
binoculars, suns on a sandbar.
If life flings her jubilant into the air
she’ll ricochet back onto seaworthy cushions
her feisty fat makes every landing soft.

For the chicken recipe go to here

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