Wednesday, 18 November 2009

The Danes' Whitsun hymn

The prolific N.F.S. Grundtvig wrote countless hymns that are classics in the Danish hymn book. This particular hymn also features as a theme with variations on pp. 41-50 of Klaus Høeck's 'In Nomine'.

Now gleams the sun in all its splendour

Now gleams the sun in all its splendour,
o’er mercy seat life’s light to tender –
now whitsun lily’s time is here,
now we have summer mild and clear –
will more than angel’s voice proclaim
a golden harvest in Christ’s name.

In summer night’s brief coolness ringing
the forest’s nightingales are singing,
so all that God will ne’er forsake
may sweetly sleep and gently wake,
may sweetly dream of paradise
and wake their God to glorify.

And o’er the dust sighs heav’nly breathing,
and through the leaves wind’s gently heaving,
and ’neath the clouds a breeze that blew
from paradise is charged anew,
and in the meadow at our feet
from life’s own stream comes murmur sweet.

This wreaks all spirit now descending,
this speaks all spirit without ending
not of itself but – us to soothe –
of love, with voice of lasting truth,
as word made flesh that from the dead
rose up to heaven, white and red!

And all mankind its voice now raises
to sing its great Redeemer’s praises!
All tongues together now extol
their Lord at the communion bowl!
Over His table chants entire
the congregation’s mighty choir.

In Jesu’s name are tongues afire,
as jews and gentiles like aspire,
in Jesu’s sacrificial bowl
all tongues now melt to form one whole,
in Jesu’s name their voices lend
to Hallelujahs without end!

Our God and Father, mightiest power!
Now blooms the rose in Thy great bower,
like suns do we now rise and set,
in Thy Son’s glory are we met,
since for the heart that we gave Thee
through Him Thou gav’st us heaven’s key!

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