Monday, 11 April 2011

Another poem by the Danish 19th century poet B.S. Ingemann

Earth's lovely sun to night's consigned

Earth's lovely sun to night's consigned,
But hosts of stars now are gleaming.
The splendour of a world divine
Through darkness downwards is streaming.

Like some great church the world entire
Cloud-covered, arches to heaven,
God’s templed earth, in green attire
Like woodland leaf now is hidden.

The smallest leaf in greatest wood
Is home for all that's begotten,
Where God's law reigns, life's as it should,
The smallest are not forgotten.

God! In your hand the great is small,
Though welcome the smallest bidden.
The childlike soul is safe withal
That in your great realm is hidden!

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John Irons said...

This is a slightly revised version from 2014.