Thursday, 13 December 2012

Eva Gerlach poem published in
'Daar ligt het' (2003)


Just now the barge for Haarlem
passed through the street. Along the pavement
towed the scrawny horses with the lad and in
the middle of the road my grandpa’s grand
father cleft the waters. Don’t leave me
behind here I cried through the window
from where I saw them pass, I can’t just stay
here on my own, but borne along they took
the turn left to the park. The asphalt
closed up, from depths that I’d clearly seen
streaming, reflecting and
rushing, no fish leapt. Let’s hope
I thought that with still liquid tide they’ll
get to where they would be bound tonight.

Everything lay as it always lay.
You arrived, quite late, parked
carelessly as usual, took your case
from the car and standing there on
solid asphalt looked straight up at me.

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