Friday 27 June 2014

A poem from 'Rib Cities' by the Swedish poet Eva Ström

The loving couple

The loving couple
thin with age, golden-wedding tinged
with brains worn into holes
have become disobedient children
that hide the security alarm
and live clocklessly outside the schedule
among left-overs and dizziness squalor
still in love, elated
in dried-out deposits of memory
disclaim the connection
with the ticking of the metronome

An age has forced its way out
is planning a weak-sighted wedding
rummaging among underclothes
for a down-soft memory

something infantile lingers
at the temple, sweeps past
the dry tears of the ear-conch,
shreds the account
into illegible chips
stretches the features
to thin grimaces
outside the limiting tracks
of the nervous system.

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