Saturday 7 June 2014

And a Whitsun poem from Klaus Høeck


       yeeah – let’s go out to
the vollsmose part of town
       together and see
       what’s cooking let’s go
out to the table of ba
       bel in the midst of
       diversity right
now at whitsun come on come
       with me in the po
       em and the spirit –
come don’t be afraid outland
       ish says the soundtrack

       come on then – it does
n’t cost anything (as it
       does at the zoo
       logical gardens
opposite) you’ll get a free
       peek in behind the
       headscarves the wind is
greener than the saudi-a
       rabian flag and
       the election post
ers are just the same as they
       are everywhere else

        what did i tell you –
there is nobody who’s throw
       ing stones at you no
       body slitting your
tyres nobody scratching the
       paintwork nobody
       insulting you or
your wife no cursing of the
       holy spirit there
       are not even a
ny graffiti whatsoev
       er on your poem

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