Friday 6 November 2015

Bread poem again!


if god were to create man
he’d take 500g stardust
a pinch of salt
10g yeast
350g water
and mix the mess with his
plastic half-moon cutter

then he’d slap the dough
onto his marble kitchen surface
and bejesus he’d belabour it
till he’d berated it
aerated it
and pumped it full of spirit

then tenderly
he’d dust it with stars
leave it for a trillion years
and watch the rise of it

give it a quick scorch
at 250°C
reduce to 220°C
for a score of minutes
or more
and watch the little blighter
puff itself up

whip it out of the oven
onto a griddle
and let it cool

and go off
in search of someone
to consume it

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