Thursday 24 December 2015

Lund's entire hymn in English

The last four verses of Lund's hymn contain references to the drama that takes place in Gethsemane, where Christ's sufferings are for each and every believing soul. The 'blood sweat and tears' of this hymn are completely absent from Grundtvig's version. To see the entire hymn in a parallel text transation, go to here.

Oh Jesu mine, may my heart learn
for you to hunger so
that night and day my soul will yearn
you never to forgo!

Then mercy’s time and hour shall be
Most sweet and pleasant too,
Until one day your kiss takes me
From this life home to you.

Upon that place my heart you laid
In white-red garden blessed,
With you its final beat shall fade
And at your bosom rest.

And as a sinner I draw nigh,
To righteousness I’m led,
To your Jerusalem on high,
Saved by your bloody sweat.

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