Tuesday 8 December 2015

Poem by Astrid Hjertenæs Andersen (1915–1985)

Horses standing in the rain

When my mind is full of dreaming,
ever vaguer and more distant
than my thought can find the words for,
ever wilder and more torrid
than my heart can comprehend,
I want just to stand where rain falls
stand out in the rain like horses
on expanses of lush grassland
midst the mountains’ weight, as here.

Stand and feel my body sucking
all this coolness, strength and wetness
that in steady streams now trickles
down my face, my hair and hands.
Be just like the forest sucking
at the sky’s breasts like an infant.
Be like grassland, full of sweetness,
trembling with devout desire.

Just stand in the rain like horses,
with wet flanks and leaning sideways,
letting scent of soil and moisture
strongly, sweetly fill my mind,
I just want to stand there being
let the drizzle sift down on me,
until thought that’s free from fever
follows dreams to perfect clearness
in a stillness sheer and calm.

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