Tuesday 3 April 2018

Benny Andersen: 'Sandheden' in English translation


Truth has always seemed to me
to belong to what’s most important
I’ve read about it
I also believe that truth
will ultimately triumph
but in the meantime
one can well be a bit careful
I remember just before my exam
I had written my best essay
and the teacher came over to me
with tears in his eyes more or less
it gladdens an old teacher’s heart
that one’s words have borne fruit
and you of all people
I hastened to say
which was quite true
that most of it had been taken from
the Saturday feature article
but the word order was a little different
and then he changed my mark
though it was a fine feature article
that was just before I left school
he ensured I left a year earlier
I’ve not abandoned truth because of that
but it’s possible to keep it to yourself
and still get a lot of pleasure out of it.

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