Thursday 27 February 2020

Keld Vorup Sørensen: 'Den nye istid'

The below translation is from a debut collection of poetry by the Danish writer Keld Vorup Sørensen. The collection, Glemslens Territorier, appeared in 2020, published by mellemgaard.


I want to, they say
You must, they say
You shall, they say
Stop mincing words! they say.
But I put words in my mouth
and mince them.
Note the weight
of the words
as they slowly dissolve
on my tongue
and disappear
into a new ice age
where everything’s blue
the sea, the sky, the light
the wordlessness –
voices stiffen in the cold –
birds disappear into themselves ­
in the world of the deaf silence is king

Butterflies of bluish glass
dance new alphabets
on mirror-shiny surfaces
Hollow-eyed sun and insects
with supersonic gangly legs
invade the biggest island of memory

All at once
you take the mince
from my mouth
and I notice in passing
the blue afterglow of your gaze

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