Thursday 15 October 2020

Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer: 'Bitter en ironisch sonnet'

 Bitter and ironic sonnet

in which Trump is infected with the




And if the antichrist at his last gasp

lay hooked to oxygen in isolation,

is hope in order? And is aspiration

for quietness and a firmer U.S. grasp


of virtue fitting? And perverse delight?

Is that for once a thing worth reinstating?

Is hate for someone who knows only hating

an act of love, a cause that’s good and right?


It is both bitter as it is ironic

that he who recommended jabs of bleach

should end up getting preferential care,


while that same care because of his iconic

Obamacare attacks placed out of reach

vain hopes of those whose lives hung by a hair.

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