Tuesday 17 November 2020

Bert Bevers: 'In volle werking'

 In full swing


That man there, in full swing, has never

learnt anything else than to do what he does.

What he must do. He saw that well, the onlooker.


He already suspected it when young: your youth is

never large enough. The creative urge? Check.

The heat of young blood? Check. He stuck to


his guns. He wanted to get away from sheer white

and black. Wished for the vast secrets

of song-thrush-egg-blue and sunflower-yellow.


For the rough idiom of forgotten sermons.

He already knew early on, and lived accordingly:

it makes no sense to dig in lifeless fields.

Drawing by Vincent van Gogh

(Omtrent Vincent, Pien Storm van Leeuwen, p. 98)

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