Wednesday 25 November 2020

Pia Juul: 'Men jeg ville heller ikke det jeg ville'


PIA JUUL (1962–2020)


But I didn’t want what I wanted either


But I didn’t want what I wanted either

And I didn’t know what it was I wanted

I so much wanted to have you

Then I got what I wanted

well and truly, and what do you do then 

Then you shout out happiness and

cry yourself to sleep in broad daylight

You say you saunter through

the meadow, and the meadow isn’t a

meadow, but something completely different

Can you perhaps pick

flowers where none are to be found?

Yes. And then you throw yourself

into it, bite that happiness

into a thousand pieces, smack your lips, gnaw and

rattle out of breath, suck it

off and feel sick. Stumble

over the words, swallow the food,

use your three wishes too

quickly and wrongly. Stupid and infatuated.



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