Sunday 14 November 2021

Hans Adolph Brorson (1694-1764): 'Op! al den ting som Gud har gjort'


Up! Everything that God has made


Up! Everything that God has made,

His glory now be praising,

The smallest creature too is great,

And proves his might amazing.


Though earth’s great kings came forward, clad

In all their might and mettle,

The smallest leaf they could not add

To but a single nettle.


Yea! all the angels with their power,

Like sceptres in high station,

Have never caused at any hour

A speck of dust’s creation.


The smallest blade in vale or wood

No wonder can excel it,

Where should I wisdom gain and could

Find ample words to tell it?


What should I do now when my mind

Is slow in comprehending

How great the host of humankind

Their earthly way are wending.


What shall I utter, when I see

The woods with life abounding,

The many birds that leap with glee

Beneath the heaven’s rounding?


What shall I utter, when I walk

Among the meadow’s flowers,

When all the birds in song do talk

Like thousand harp-string showers?


What shall I utter, when my mind

Down on the sea’s bed merely

So little in its depths can find

And many mouths see clearly?


What shall I utter, when I yearn

To gaze at heaven rightly,

And all my thoughts will upwards turn

To where the sun reigns brightly?


What shall I utter, when I see

How hosts of stars are gleaming,

How mildly each smiles down at me,

And I return their beaming?


What shall I utter, when I soar

In spirit to my Maker?

And see th’angelic hosts in awe

Stand mustered by the acre?


What shall I utter? All I say

Says nothing and seems mindless;

Oh God! Your wisdom rules alway,

As do your power and kindness.


All that’s imbued with spirit shall

Our Maker soon be meeting.

His praise shall sound in hill and vale,

This earthly world completing.


Oh! Praise the Lord all those below

With voice and senses willing,

And all who dwell above now show

Our Maker’s praise in singing.


Let all below with one accord

Join joyfully in winging

Their Hallelujah! Great our Lord –

Amen the heav’ns are ringing.


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