Thursday 2 December 2021

Edvard Hoem: 'I vika langt mot vest'




In the far-westward bay, along dark shores

the autumn swans return, I now can see.

They rock in silence close to land once more

And at high tide are mirrored in the sea.

I have seen faces that contort with pain,

I have seen people part but with a frown,

heard doors that slam, cars drive off once again,

but now the swans return and settle down.

There was a world, a coast, far to the north,

one such clear autumn day, with winter near,

I sat and viewed the far end of a fjord

and swishing wings approaching I could hear.

Then all fell silent. Many years passed by.

Now I hear beating wings again on high.



John Irons said...

For a very different kind of swan poem, in a very different kind of language, see this one by the Dutch poet Ida Gerhardt:

John Irons said...

Or this one: