Tuesday 18 January 2022

Eva Gerlach: 'De weg der waarheid'


The way of truth


Your dog, you write, likes watching you under the shower.

Your dog goes with you to the coast and you accept the fish

that he catches and you throw it back. The fish is

no longer the one lifted out of the sea and will 

never be the same again, and neither am I, having

known you, still any good to myself. ‘I’m moving

towards an empty space coming out of

what wasn’t there and all my scales 

cannot protect me.’ Your dog has no knowledge of

this sort of confusion. Parmenides (everything is 

1 and indivisible, everything has always existed

and cannot be otherwise) appeals to your dog.


You send a photo of your dog, with his front paws on the

window sill he takes a look inside, his member stiff

as if standing for what he sees, which is

of course the case, thus does he ride

on what he thinks and is, has what I lack. 


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