Tuesday, 15 November 2022

Eva Gerlach: 'Virus 6' from the collection 'Hier' (2022)


Virus 6


He stands on the ladder, is painting

the house. Does not fall. Hand following eye which is fixed on


the house that bears him. The wood rots, he scrapes fibres off,

kills mould, fills holes in, levels; he’s painting, he nurses


the house. Should it sag, he’ll shore it from top to toe, should it leak

will plug each wound with skin and hair. Let storm, let tremor fear peril


falling come our way, he’ll stand there on the ladder, hold

the sky up sand light smooth tape off time and whistle through his teeth be-


hold I make all things new chip by strut forever and ever, he’ll

stand, look through the window, raise a hand, laugh. He is


painting the house.



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