Thursday, 22 August 2013

One more from 'Live' by Klaus Høeck


                  and the stage is set
this time in gammel estrup
                  without any scen
                  ery or other
trappings just like in real
                  ity and what then
                  is the difference
nothing apart from the split
                  second that separ
                  ates art and life like
an atom of infini
                  ty in the moment

                  the stage is set once
again and there we sit down
                  in the banqueting
                  hall without full-bot
tomed wigs and renaissance
                  costumes just like an
                  attentive audi
ence that is listening a
                  cross the dark abyss
                  of the centuries
like an atom of fini
                  tude in the moment

                  the stage is set for
the third time and holberg is
                  being played as u
                  sual – only during
the intervals is it  poss
                  ible to tread these
                  boards on which the com
edy is being enact
                  ed or when it is
                  all over and there
is no longer any stage
                  that can be trodden

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