Thursday, 22 January 2015

An Easter hymn by Brorson

Listen, you whose weeping

Listen, you whose weeping
in salt tears is steeping
where your Saviour lies,
banish tears and sadness,
now come days of gladness,
joy and peace your prize!
He aright
has used full might
all death’s shields to break and shatter,
and completely scatter.

He has risen truly
from the dead, will duly
greet triumphantly;
angels you can find there
nothing else remains where
his grave used to be.
Your gaze stay
on where he lay!
There you should all pain be flinging
that your heart was wringing!

Come, draw nearer, merely
bury all that nearly
made your courage fail!
To his flock make haste now,
tell with joyful words how
he has made death quail!
Say to each
who’s fearful, teach
each disciple, from death’s prison
Jesus Christ is risen!

Tell your heart stop fretting,
be its pain forgetting,
there’s no need for dread;
He has quenched the fire,
risen to inspire,
Jesus, who was dead.
He broke free,
his bride may she
likewise all her foes be smiting,
be in God delighting.

If your sins are many,
Christ says: every penny
of the debt is paid.
Anger off is driven,
grace now freely given,
be no more dismayed;
Jesus died,
and swept aside
all death’s wrath and tribulation
for your sole salvation.

Sin, can you but glower?
Hell, where is your power?
Death, where is your sting?
Christ is fully glorious,
I am now victorious,
them he down did fling!
God, who gave
at Jesu’s grave
us this victory amazing,
we will e’er be praising.

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