Monday, 12 January 2015

Little-known poem by B.S. Ingemann

The great voyage

Through all the nighttime heaven’s
Profound embrace there plough
The air-ships of the star-fleet.
A world in every prow.

I stand on earth-ship’s foredeck;
I sail the selfsame seas.
Among the stars, earth’s island
sails too with greatest ease.

On board the airborne world-fleet
A host of souls are found:
Yet not one single soul there
Saw whither they were bound.

But each will reach safe haven,
The nighttime heaven crossed.
No bark will run aground there
And not one soul be lost.

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John Irons said...

Included in 'Ingemann's Liv og Digtning', which is available as a facsimile edition in the Runeberg project. The book is complied and written by no less than Herman Heinrich Louis Schwanenflügel, and was published in 1886.
For this poem, go to: